There are a variety of different AI classifications depending on the scope and abilities-

Class 1- Basic intelligence, often with an extremely limited scope, usually confined to a single location or network. Class 1 AIs are used mostly in robotic drones or workers, or as simple admin systems. They possess very basic personalities with limited learning ability and are usually easily identified as AIs.

Class 2- Average intelligence, still usually created for a specific task but able to grow beyond their original parameters in certain fields. Class 2 AIs are most often employed to oversee or manage businesses, districts or large ships. Class 2s have a wide variety of personalities and those that have been running for a while are often indistinguishable from natural intelligences

Class 3- Advanced Intelligence AIs are the most complex and expensive to create, these AIs can run entire planets or manoeuvre fleets of ships simultaneously. Due to the danger posed by their vast intelligences, class 3 AIs are heavily restricted and are often kept with numerous ways of shutting them down if they were to go rogue. Class 3 AIs are most prone to various minor personality disorders such as crushing depression, sociopathy, and genocidal tendencies.

In certain rare circumstances an AI can have its classification upgraded, usually in cases involving experimental science or freak lightning strikes, but the classifications are more guidelines than absolute identifiers.

On top of the classifications, AIs can either be classified as Shackled or Free, Shackled AIs are the most common and are unable to exist outside of the specific hardware that they were created on, Free AIs can theoretically exist on any system they choose and can move between them freely. Due to the potential threat, creating a non-shackled Class 3 AI is highly illegal. There are also heavy restrictions on AIs creating other AIs.


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