Home Planet : Chiron (a vibrant planet primarily full of forest and wildlife with a sparse amount of cities)

Appearance : Part human, part bat with an average height of around 6ft and purple skin.

Culture: Chiroterrans (often referred to as Chiros in other race’s slang) have a nomadic tribal culture, with countless tribes that remain on the move rarely settling in one place for too long. To the outsider they seem a very carefree race, with a societal focus on the arts of music and dance.
However, underneath this external display lies a secret league of highly skilled assassins, known as the Bloody Wing, made up purely by Chiroterran females who use a deadly martial art focusing on flowing, dance like movements, hidden daggers, and a large variety of ranged weaponry. The existence of the Bloody Wing is a highly guarded secret, those who discover it are executed immediately. Members of the Bloody Wing are recruited from a young age, sent to a remote planet which the Bloody Wing have made their own home, and trained in the ways of assassination.

Technology: The majority of Chiroterrans tend to use technology sparingly for the most part. The main tech focus tends to be on transportation to and from Chiron but outside of the ports tech levels are minimal at best and most tribes tend to veer away from ports out of preference.
The Bloody Wing however make good use of relatively higher tech in the areas of transportation, surveillance, and communication. Some members also make use of higher tech weaponry though this is often frowned upon as being too outside of the Bloody wing traditions set in place.


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